Today is World Environment day – folding cartons are a sustainable packaging solution

Friday 5th June 2020 is ‘World Environment day’ which since 1974 has encouraged worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment.


‘World Environment Day’ encourages business to use a range of resources to learn how they can protect nature and references a report ‘Best Environmental Management Practices for the Food & Beverage Manufacturing Sector’ released by the European Commission ( which includes a chapter on ‘Selecting Packaging to Minimise Environmental Impact’ and where Folding Cartons are well aligned with some of the key objectives.


Folding cartons contribute strongly to some of the key focus areas of ‘World Environment Day’ including:


  • Understand, value and disclose your impact and dependency on nature – The Pro Carton ‘Carbon Footprint of Carton Packaging 2019’ report outlined the ‘cradle to grave’ carbon impact of folding cartons, how they act as a carbon store and how on a like for like measurement basis, the carbon impact of folding cartons reduced by 9% between 2015 – 19
  • If your business requires raw material, responsibly source through certifications like Forestry Stewardship Council – 90% of the wood use by the European pulp and paper industry is from within the European Union. European forests have been growing by the equivalent of 1500 football pitches every day
  • Incorporate sustainability concerns at the earliest stages of planning – We have always known that folding cartons are sustainable, recyclable and made from renewable fibre; the recycling rate of paper packaging is 85%, the highest of any packaging material

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